deVCU Lite

deVCU Lite - EV Powertrain Control Unit for 2W

  • Designed for 12/24V system
    Compact housing
    Customized features and applications
deVCU Lite


deVCU Lite Electric Vehicle Powertrain Control Unit for 2 Wheelers manages the complete powertrain. The control unit features a cortex-M microcontroller with built-in safety features designed to provide high performance and is powered by a robust firmware. The flexible hardware design allows for easy customization of functionalities as per customer specifications.

DEVISE provides the option to include new functionalities and applications as per our customer’s need.

We provide the option to run software code on the powertrain control unit that has been developed by our customers. This feature can run in parallel to all the powertrain control unit functionalities.

We deliver libraries to interface with all I/Os and calibration tool with access to all signals. Based on customer’s requirement, the hardware can be customized and add-on features can be availed such as telematics.


The platform can be used for development of applications required by an electric or hybrid vehicles. Some of these applications include
• Drive Mode management
• Communication with the BMS (CAN)
• Communication with the MCU (CAN)
• Communication with the HMI (CAN)
• Control of the Auxiliary MCU
• System diagnostics
• SD Card Data logging
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Real time clock support

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 130.30mm x 115.57mm x 42.42mm
IP Rating: IP-67
Connector: Cinch Connectivity Solutions-CONN HEADER R/A 40POS 3.5MM-(Part No -5810140011)

Mating Connector Details

Connector: Molex 334722002
MX150 Mat-Sealed Female Connector Assembly, Dual Row, 20 Circuits

High Level Specifications

Microcontroller: STMicroelectronics ARM® Cortex®-M4 STM32F413VGT6, 100MHZ
Memory: 1MB program Flash, 320KB RAM, Flash for Emulated EEPROM
VCU Operating Voltage: 9-36 V

40 PIN platform

• 1 multipurpose PWM input (5V)
• 5 multipurpose active-high digital inputs (5V)
• 6 multipurpose active-high digital inputs (12V)
• 1 active-low digital inputs (12V)
• 1 low-side outputs (Max. 1A load)
• 2 5V digital outputs

Extra GPIO

• 11 extra multipurpose GPIO’s


• 3 CAN channels (1Mbps baud rate support)
o Protocol: CAN2.0 A
o Baud Rate:500kbps
• Bluetooth Communication-BLE v4.0