Critical Skills – Model Based Development

  • Model Conceptualization

  • Formulation and Specification

  • Integration and Execution

  • Code Generation and Flashing

  • Cross Platform Usability


  1. Gather requirements and analyze the inputs.
  2. Decide control strategy for the inputs.
  3. Form a model with the required specifications.
    Simulate the model.
  4. Validate data based on the relevant physical system


  1. Develop Features and Functions

  2. Evaluate physical system performance
  3. Calculate component specification based on the performance

  4. Determine dependency of the component’s specifications on the overall system.

System Validation

  1. Establish traceability between the model and the code.

  2. Determine that the code executes properly in its final software and hardware environments.

  3. Involve model checks as well as SIL, PIL & HIL testing

Embedded Application

  1. Reduce dependency on the development environment and protocols.

  2. Custom toolboxes for the controller family and architecture.

  3. Seamless application flashing on the hardware.

Software Interoperability

  1. Utilize features of various tools.

  2. Produce precise results to that of real time.

  3. Maintain the simulation model in a single tool.

  4. Reduce development time for custom code of a block that is already available.